Debbie is an authentic, enthusiastic  passionate communicator. She has a natural curiosity that translates to knowledgeable, relevant, witty and, where needed, snarky communications! It is because she takes the quality of her product seriously that playfulness and humor are essential

.Her work and time are divided between speaking gigs (story telling, narratives, improv theater and informing audiences about current social and political topics – full disclosure, she’s a true-blue, FDR liberal), writing (blogging, social media engagement, reporting) and voice work. Oh, and she has more than a passion or hobby, spending time on a home renovation (pretty skilled in the trades). She calls herself a housewife because she’s married to her house, but some day hopes for a happy, amicable and lucrative divorce.

Debbie is a passionate speaker, writer, daughter, friend, planet lover, animal protector, greed hater and perpetually perky morning person. She has an annoyingly accurate memory for movie and TV lines – and what you said.

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