X Is For What Is Our Society’s X #atozchallenge

I rated this blog PG so I won’t post porn pics. But I would love to post a few because I find our puritanical views of sexuality in our society absurd and unhealthy. We shield kids from breasts yet by the time a child reaches 18, he or she will have seen 40,000 murders in the media and 200,000 acts of violence. Now I don’t know about you, but I was raised to become an adult who has sex, not shoots people with guns. Why does our society get so upset about showing a human phallus but would never pixilate an assault rifle? (That’s hilarious on so many levels.)

Admittedly, action films are not my genre so I don’t see the appeal in violent, physical conflict. But it seems if one is titillated by acts of violence, one wants to see it again. if it doesn’t have a direct correlation to violent behavior, the amount of violence in the media certainly desensitizes us. I’ve seen my share of violence on TV and I don’t want to own a gun or be near one but other people are wired differently and might find a thrill in violence. It’s no secret how high our gun deaths are compared to the rest of societies. And is it any accident that we now have a diminished manufacturing industry in this country except for guns and ammo? Hell, we teach our military with warring video games. Surely there’s some correlation to make. This whole paragraph creeps me out.


Look at ancient architecture. XHostoryMuch of it is erotica. They have their share of warriors, too, but today’s culture holds no cXAshcroftomparison. And remember when Attorney General John Ashcroft spent $8,000 of taxpayer dollars on blue drapes to cover the lady parts on two statues in the Great Hall of the Department of Justice? Childish. Meanwhile his boss was invading a country on false pretenses, that killed and maimed hundreds of thousands. That’s some messed up priorities.

What our society has deemed to need a big X to block the view of innocent purview calls for a long overdue taboo review.




2 thoughts on “X Is For What Is Our Society’s X #atozchallenge

  1. I completely agree. I remember this thought really hitting home when I saw the movie “Natural Born Killers” many years ago – it was so gratuitously violent that I walked out of the theater feeling weird in my skin and wondering why there wasn’t an X rating for violence. We do desensitize ourselves to violence by watching violent movies or video games, and anyone who denies that is denying basic psychology. It’s called habituation, and it happens with every single experience in life. Experience something for the first time, and it’s a shock to the system, good or bad. Experience it a second time and it’s not as much of a shock. Experience it 200,000 times, and even violence can lose some of its shock value. Some may say “but movies and media and video games are different from real word experience,” and to a degree, that’s true. But images are the same to the eye, and it is undeniable that by presenting them to ourselves over and over, those kinds of images become familiar and in some way more acceptable to the mind than they would be if we had never seen them before. I try to shield my son from this stuff as much as possible, but even for kids, violence in media is inescapable if one wants to be a part of American culture: he watches a benign YouTube video, for example, and it has an ad for a violent movie play at the beginning. Thanks for pointing out this bizarre double standard in our culture.

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    1. Well put, sir Rafn. But I bet the feature photo is what made you read it, right!! Ha. This country is so so so different than other societies in excess violence and sexual taboo. Gun violence? Incomparably high. STDs, teen pregnancies, yadda yadda? Incomparably high.


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