April 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge Reflection

This was my first participation in the challenge. And, like a good half German, I obeyed all rules and posted every day (Sunday off for bad behavior), even with a 0600 scheduled publication. And I’d forgotten about the challenge until the end of March so these were real-time posts. Next year, if I am able to participate, I will write some well in advance of April 2016.

For the work I put into this prose, I wish more had read them. But they aren’t going anywhere so I hope folks will stumble into the site going forward. I kept the blog site separate but link to my website – debrastrege.com – and have decided to incorporate relevant posts into that ongoing blog, especially since that blog effort lagged during this challenge.

I am embarking on a new career of writing and speaking so this was a significant part of developing a new habit, finding my voice and expanding my audience. It offers hope that this time next year I will be much further down my new path. I hope my friends and followers will stay with me and grow. Hello world!


16 thoughts on “April 2015 A to Z Blog Challenge Reflection

  1. Thank you, Susan. It will become my April tradition, if life doesn’t get in the way. But I will bank a few before April 1 next time! Whew! It built a new blog habit for me. It’s a great club of inspiring members.


  2. Finding your through your reflection, which I enjoyed. This was my 3rd year and I learned something new every time. My reflection offers some opinions about what works or doesn’t for me. I hope both of us have made a contribution to the challenge with our thoughts. Congrats on finishing. I KNOW April will continue to reveal itself to you on lots of levels. I’m still digesting what I need to do with my blog now. Wish we could have a cup of tea and figure it out together.

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  3. I am happy you got good things out of the challenge! A lot of people visit around during Road Trip (check main blog on May 13th), especially the ones who didn’t have enough time in April to visit regularly, so you will probably get new readers later 🙂

    @TarkabarkaHolgy from
    Multicolored Diary

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    1. Dein Stand hat wirklich toll und professionell ausgeschaut und Deine Sachen sind soo liebevoll gestaltet und verziert – ich hätte auch super gern bei Dir eingekauft 🙂 und ich freu mich für Dich, das trotz der wenigen Besucher Deine Sachen so viel Anklang gefunden hanen!GLGJeannibe

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