I Love This Place: Why I Make My Environmental Choices

While I’ve been a striving environmentalist to the core all my life, I don’t write much about ecological issues. But my parents raised me as a steward of the Earth so I always consider the impact of my choices on the greater good, especially major choices. I do not have children primarily for this reason. Not only is our planet sufficiently populated with humans, I have seen our planet slowly dying or preparing to rid itself of us more every year and the human powers that be are ignoring it. I can’t bear what is happening and imagining my child having to endure a more toxic, more crowded and more cruel world would be unbearable and all-consuming for me if I had brought another life into this world. This Earth means that much to me. Those with children often defend themselves by suggesting their child or that generation might remedy these problems. But if you’ve been conscious of global news no more than the past decade, I believe mounting evidence to the contrary makes that opinion a huge gamble and mine an indisputable truth. Further, the Earth is beyond maxed out to house and sustain 8 billion people. It’s going to get a lot tougher very soon for all humans to maintain the quality of life any of us now alive have seen. I don’t mean to go all Debbie Downer here; I’m just being realistic.

I also am vegan because factory farms supplying animals for humans to eat is simply unsustainable. You have to suspend a lot of reality to consciously enjoy meat. I do not so I can’t eat it. Earth provides a vast richness of plants for our pallets to enjoy. It’s funny how today’s generations don’t think much about how they were manipulated by ad campaigns and political propaganda. And each generation is more played than the one before, building like sedimentary layers of mass mental manipulation. Two national efforts during and after World War II were for meat and the virtues of Capitalism. My dad often quoted one to his plant-eating daughter: “A meal without meat would be incomplete.” The other was about the wonders of Capitalism. Think Mad Men. The old films are just creepy but they crept deeply into our culture. Both became such a part of post WWII life, future generations think both are necessary and normal. Neither is true.

If I’ve riled the parents, carnivores, hunters and capitalists, I won’t apologize. But I am a liberal so I don’t want to take away your freedom to have Duggar-sized baby crops, a side of cow or a new set of antlers for your den. I don’t respect it, but it’s your freedom to choose. A day will come, though, in your child’s future when, in order to survive as a species, there will be new rules and laws. We will have no choice. If we don’t get a grip on polluting, populating and pillaging, nature will do it for us. She’s already set that inevitability in motion. We will need to partner or part ways.

My soul aches for the decimation of the planet’s life and beauty. BlogJne1IIGarbage swells in our oceans, coral reefs are dead and dying, oil has permanently mutated The Gulf of Mexico and nuclear waste has killed off much of the Pacific. (If you really feel OK with eating food from these waters, the Capitalists have snowed you well.) Rainforests are disappearing. Land and sea animals are suffering everywhere. Billions of animals are jacked with hormones and antibiotics to feed people cheap meat. Domestic critters are exterminated by the millions from unwanted over-breeding. People die en mass from starvation and pestilence here and globally. We have passed the point of no return.

Maybe I avoid the subject because of the pain is causes me and the futility I see for our survival. Maybe I just don’t want to be dismissed or ostracized as a Debbie Downer by those who wish to remain ignorant and maintain their status quo and the comfort and security they find in their lifestyle. These are only my views but, so far, I have been right. Sadly, I have underestimated how bad it would get even in my lifetime. This isn’t just our playground here to amuse our whims. We are stewards of this planet.

Sorry to bring anyone down. I really am a happy-clappy sort. I just feel so sorry for this place we call Earth and I love her so. If my writing helped sway anyone to do better by her, it’s wroth it. So for the remaining time I have to spend with my planet today, I am going to be outside, surrounding my senses with nature and thanking her. Peace.

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