Coming April 1: Musings Served Daily On a Bed of Fresh Snark

(Note: This is not a food blog. if you think it is, I am way too snarky for you.)

Lacking appropriate time boundaries or any memory of the effort it took to write 26 blogs in 30 days, I have joined the April A to Z Blog Challenge for a second year. This means every day in April, excluding Sundays, I will post a blog entry on this site. I haven’t had a schedule with the time to post as much as I should or would like this past year. So I am hopeful committing to this challenge will help train me to be more diligent about it.

Trying to re-integrate into society is a serious endeavor. Some of you may know, I left paid work about a year after Dad moved in with me the very day my mother passed unexpectedly. We were together for about a decade. They still were the best days of my life. I built a second addition to the house (to build equity to offset not having income), with many projects still to complete. But the old role of non-profit management no longer fits my better skills and talents. Public speaking and, I hope in part, writing are my strengths. Last year afforded me with great exposure speaking to many thousands or people and hundreds of different audiences. So I know where I want to be but it’s like playing double Dutch jump rope; I have to be back in the game, developing myself and with an authentic presence in this moment. So I look forward to your feedback and making new connections via the blog a day.  

The new 26 blogs will post at 6 a.m. CDT Monday through Saturday beginning April 1, because I am half German and there WILL be structure in my routine! I’m calling it “Musings Served Daily On a Bed of Snark.”  So come, linger, browse, enjoy, comment.


3 thoughts on “Coming April 1: Musings Served Daily On a Bed of Fresh Snark

  1. When you were in DC, you should have treated yourself to a tour of Marjorie Mewrireather Post’s home. I’ll never forget all the special items from her travels. Do try to go there sometime.

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