Happy: What Makes Me Happy #atozchallenge

H: Today’s Deb-Blog Has Been Brought to You by the Letter D for Delights and the Letter H for Happy: What Makes Me Happy

In most television series, there is a bottle episode, or a self-contained production to scales down costs. H BottleIf this Deb-Blog were a television series – and it is FAR from that – this would be my bottle episode, although it didn’t really cut costs. Anyway, I hope it’s still snarky.

Animals: Saving their lives and not eating them after they’ve lived a short, dismal life, abused in cramped surroundings. My tummy is quite satisfied without an animal sacrifice.

Belonging: Feeling like I fit where I work, play and live. Being accepted for who I am makes me a delight to have around!

Crying: A good cry over a great movie or just when I’m tired is so cathartic. But it must be spontaneous.

Deciding: I clearly have commitment issues but once I decide, I know it’s right. I can feel it.

Eating: Vegan: See “A” but it’s just so satisfying to live in that kind of harmony. And other species of “humanimals” can smell it on me!

Feeling: Pretty – whether it’s a new outfit, a new season outside or just that feeling within that can’t be knocked down. And here’s today’s ear worm. You’re welcome:

Gratitude: I feel it often but when someone appreciates what I have done is rare, so that kind.

Health: I never take my health for granted and wake each day glad I have my health and my feet to propel me through my day.

Intimacy: The real and safe kind, or so I recall.

Journeys: I haven’t been able to travel in many years for a host of reasons. Even those day trips are relaxing and exhausting.

Kindness: I practice it, even if it means leaving someone be, for good.

Laughter: It’s about second to needing air.

Money:- Not the love of, just having it.

New: Barbie doll smell: Takes me right back to childhood in a lovely way.

Obama: I love my president for his leadership, intellect, demeanor and for out-smarting the GOP. That last one isn’t hard but he sure is good at it!

Parents; No other human can hold a candle to either of mine.

Quitting and Quality: I’m torn between choosing which I prefer but both are enhanced when combined, anyway.

Reason: And that said reason shared with you that remains a life-long guide. I hope my blog reflects the reason I have gained.

Sweets: Just enough of a dulce, a sweet, to seal the meal. Nothing fancy. Just a normal-sized cookie or fruit-flavored morsel.

Thinking: I try to do this every day. I wish more people did.

Understanding: As Elvis Costello says, “What’s so funny about peace, love and understanding?” Am I right? Your second ear worm:

Virtue: But not how Republicans define it, the true definition of being good and moral, like “The Golden Rule.”

Walks: I have a 3.2 mile route I walk most days. It’s my time.

X: That taboo. Delicious.

Yearning: Wanting something so much is painful and life-affirming.

Zeitgeist: Because it’s a great German word, I’m half German and I am a particular fan of the mid-Century, “Mad Men” zeitgeist. Zeitgeist means the defining spirit or mood of a particular period of history as shown by the ideas and beliefs of the time. And that “Mad Men” era is brimmed with conformity and non-conformity, seething sexuality, steamy fashion and hopeful, new horizons.

One thought on “Happy: What Makes Me Happy #atozchallenge

  1. Greetings Deb! I am curious about your pairing of Quitting and Quality. Do you mean quitting something that is counterproductive or unhealthy? If so, then yes, I agree that is very empowering. Plus I love the letter Q for some weird reason. So unique. And that festive little tail.


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