Touch, That Most Sensual of Senses #atoachallenge

T: Today’s Deb-Blog Has Been Brought to You by the Letter D for Delicate and the Letter T for Touch, That Most Sensual of Senses #atozchalenge

I’ve no idea why we adolescent girls often discussed our favorite sense, but it came up more than once. And my response was always the same. Touch. It is still my favorite sense. It might be because I am always for the underdog and the sense of touch is often overlooked or underrated. How can this be?!

Our largest organ controls the sense of touch, the skin, that is. So our entire body can experience touch. It’s a warning signal when we feel something hot approaching, and by hot I mean a high temperature, although the sense of some one hot approaching has it’s own sense reaction! We take comfort from weather that is too hot or too cold. I love the feeling of crawling into clean sheets, zipping into my familiar jeans, a hairbrush gently scratching my scalp, warm sun on my face on a cool day when that’s the only skin exposed, my cat’s sometimes not so gentle love bites, even a stranger’s guiding hand firmly grasping my arm to help direct me and the way my man places his hand on the small of my back as we are taken to our table at dinner.

Touch is about the present moment more than any other sense. While the senses are very much a present moment thing, taste, smell, hearing and seeing often are tied to a memory or a comparison to a past experience. But there is nothing that can bring sheer pleasure than touch consciously experienced. I am keeping this blog PG rated but submit the sensual pleasures have the ability to possess the entire body and even detach it from mind and thought. Am I right? What other sense is capable of that?

But the touches I only have in memory, the ones I miss the most are the ones from Mom and Dad. touch 2No one but Mom could warm my chilled body with her hands briskly rubbing up and down my upper arms. Dad gave the firmest, all-business back rubs with swift moving motions over my shoulder blades like no one else. Their comfort goes farther than anyone and I will carry every one of my sense memories of those loving people forever.

That brings me to the touch that is internal. How you feel is how your body is touched on the inside. That kind of touch can be all consuming and effect the other four senses for better or worse.  The deeper we love, the deeper we feel. All our senses make us feel alive and whatever our experience may be beyond our last moment, touch is the one I will miss the most.

And now, just to provide what at least half of you are singing to yourselves, anyway:

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