Fourth and Last Sunday Interlude #atozchallenge

Happy Sunday, y’all. As a final added bonus to the April A to Z Blog Challenge, in which we are given Sundays off for bad behavior, I submit how I feel about life and Sundays with the help of Hayley Mills in the Disney movie “Pollyanna.” Wonderful movie. A great cast of character actors and great stars. If you haven’t seen it, shame on you, grab a box of tissues and a blanket. It’s lovely.

That’s Agnes Moorehead, whom you might recognize from “Bewitched,” where she played the mother Endora. She was a gem! The undertaker is played by Ian Wolfe.

Now, go out and be glad!


3 thoughts on “Fourth and Last Sunday Interlude #atozchallenge

  1. I really like me some jelly beans. Maybe I need to eat a bunch the next time I get sick so I associate the two in my mind. Another great we-sotilhgs trick – thanks!

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