Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: My Toe-Tapping Happy Gene

Note: During this past “April A to Z Blog Challenge,” I decided to offer mini posts on the Sundays we weren’t required to submit. People liked it. After a couple of Sundays off, I decided to keep it up for every Sunday. Here is the first from this decision:

Our U.S. Constitution was the first in human history to mention the “pursuit of happiness.” I could easily go down the political rabbit hole and suggest being indentured to a joyless job to pay rent, buy food and slowly pay off student debt is no smooth path to the happiness pursuit. Ponder if you wish. This post is about happiness. Happiness is personal. Enduring happiness comes from within. Things and others can “make you happy,” but only temporarily. When generated from without, happiness is like romance – fleeting. Happiness is inner peace. Inner peace is happiness.Happy

I heard last week happiness might actually be a gene. I have it. Mom and Dad had it and I am sure HAVE it. It’s the core of the soul. I’m not sure most Americans do, though. If they do, they don’t show it much. If you do not, I am sorry. I’ve noticed how my joy can really bug those lacking it.

I remember first hearing this song on “The Wonder Years,” a show in the late 1980s. They played great songs from the 1960s that I had never heard before. This so speaks to the unwavering sense of joy with every picture it conjures. I relate to every word!


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