All Alone, Together

I believe we are all in this together, working together, pooling resources for the social good or simply helping the stranger with a heavy lift or a held open door. I’ve made my major life decisions with that belief. I believe working together and working out our “stuff” is why we are even here, incarnate on this Earth. (I’ve been told I’m an “empath,” but I thought everyone felt intimacy and connectivity with everyone, only some cared less than others, so I don’t know if I’m different or not.) 

That being said, on a deeper level, I believe we are all alone. Sorry to break it to you, but everybody leaves. I know that sounds like Eeyore but to deny this or avoid this is at your own peril and loss of contentedness. I am so grateful Mom and Dad taught me this important fact. You’d better like the skin you are in. You have to be OK with yourself and be your best friend. It is the only place to find inner strength or peace.

Many go to desperate measures to avoid being alone instead of honoring that space. Not I. I truly adore my own company. I’ve said it before but the only time in my life I ever felt lonely was in a bad relationship or when a friend betrays me. On occasion, Mom would remind me of these soulful and meaningful words in the following song. Regardless of your beliefs, these words are true. It’s been recorded by artists from Elvis to Woody Guthrie, in rock, folk and country. For this song, I prefer the country versions. The lyrics are attributed to Woody Guthrie and to old, folk tradition. “(You’ve Gotta Walk That) Lonesome Valley:”

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