I Can Do Without Food, But Not Sleep!

I can do without food. Really. And as a vegan, I am learning even more to be conscious about what I eat so waiting until I get home or even until the next day is not a problem But sleep? That is another story all together. I need to sleep. If I don’t sleep because I have something weighing on my mind, you had better give me the outlet to discuss. If a work issue is festering and I can’t sleep because if it, I am likely to never get it resolved and it will ruin my productivity and creativity. I need to sleep! I can not be trusted with my own damn mind without sleep!

And it’s no joke. We’ve been told we are a sleep deprived culture. It’s a problem. Lately, I am sleeping great! Lots of physical work and a clean conscience does wonders. So unless I am struggling with the issues noted above, I sleep like a log, never like a baby. I never understood saying, “I slept like a baby,” because babies are completely unpredictable and are horrible sleepers. They scream from a wet nappy or a thousand other annoyances that they make yours because they’re helpless and they own you. Babies ruin everyone else’s sleep, besides their own. Nope, I sleep like detached log, lying dormant off a living tree, provided I have my TV on and no outside human noise. I am out!

I don’t know why we have a sleep deprived society. I suppose it’s a myriad of reasons from debt, work, relationships. society, technology, lack of love and poor diets. Pity we don’t worry more about it.

The presumed Republican presidential nominee, Donald J. Trump, prides himself on not sleeping but a couple hours a night.

Nothing. I have nothing to add.

Arianna Huffington just wrote a book about sleeping called “The Sleep Revolution.” In it, she says the orgasm is the natural aphrodisiac.

Nothing. I have nothing to add.



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