Gun Lover Claims Unarmed Victims are Suicidal

I just read where a draft-dodging, hate-filled, gun-fetishistic, over-compensating, talent-less guitar strumming defect who sings about having sex with an under-age girl wrote that he thinks the Orlando mass murder was actually a mass suicide because all the patrons who went out on a Saturday night to dance, have a drink or three and enjoy the company of loving friends were not all brandishing guns. You can hit the link to read it – Hate-Filled Idiot Words – but I am not going to mention his name. He’s pathetic. But his words, in the aftermath of this blood bath, terrify me so I can’t remain silent or I am part of the problem; that problem being guns.

His premise now is that guns don’t kill people, guns assist those with suicidal thoughts and acts finish their lives by mere strangers who spray rounds of bullets into social gatherings. He would submit the nuanced meaning of his words is that the victims were not actually suicidal, but unless each person carried a gun, they might as well be suicidal because they weren’t violently defending themselves. Just kidding, he doesn’t know the meaning of the word nuance or submit – or premise!

Well that’s a new wrinkle. Those murdered by guns are committing suicide. Gosh, those disturbed Sandy Hook kids and educators actually committed mass suicide in their school. I’m not glorifying this unspeakable tragedy, I’m trying to temper my rage toward the words of this defected, infected, disconnected person. Theater patrons, folks seeking health care, high school kids having snacks, constituents coming to a supermarket parking lot to meet their Representative, employees at a holiday gathering, military personnel and people holding a faith gathering who shared their fellowship with their murderer, according to this manic, were suicidal. I guess we have a mass suicide problem, then. Can we restrict guns for THAT reason?

To those outside the U.S., please know this American thinks our country is insane.

Just last week, I caught an old 1980s’ game show, “Card Sharks,” where contestants compete, in part, by guessing how many people out of 100 think one way or the other about a social question. (It’s a great, historic social study.) The question was how many people out of 100 do not support citizens having handguns; not automatic or semi-automatic assault guns, plain old 1980s’ version handguns. The first contestant thought the number would be low, yadda yadda, guns have role in society, yadda yadda. She guessed 12. Her opponent thought the number would be higher. You ready for this? The actual number of randomly asked Americans in the 1980s (circa Reagan getting shot, give or take) who thought average folks ought NOT to have a handgun was – 39. 39! Oh, how far we’ve devolved. Now, this was also right about when the NRA began taking steroids and peddling their marketing plan in Congress with the age-old line and bumper sticker, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”

My dad was in World War II. He saw it. He opposed all military involvement and guns. He would beg to differ. Guns kill people. He didn’t talk much at all about that chapter of his life but he talked about seeing the French military gun down every African civilian on the road he was on for months. War. And I can assure you, the horror he saw couldn’t come close to what one person did in a matter of moments to more than 100 people in a club, to thousands of loved ones and survivors and to the bullet-shredded fabric of our country.

And that’s OK for the man I reference above, whose name won’t be mentioned, all the government representatives who said, “Now is not the time to discuss guns,” – again, the NRA, Congress. who actually had one of their own shot in the head in 2011, do nothing. Nothing. As President Obama said no action is an action.

I offer no path to a solution but I have an answer. Restrict guns. Yes, crazy people and bad people will get guns no matter what. But not as many. And if we criminalize having these things that serve but one purpose, we can fix this. I also know who will get my vote in November and will try to fix this; the one who opposes the NRA. She not only has spoken against the NRA, she has responded to victims of people murdered by guns and she has supported those running for Congress who also want to restore sanity on this issue.

I am sad and ashamed to say I suspect I could post nearly these same words again in another few weeks.

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