The Pinnacle of GOP Southern Strategy and Voodoo Economics

This seems to be the year that the GOP has reached the pinnacle of the two core principles they’ve held over the past several decades, promote policies that only benefit the wealthiest and lock in the bigot vote. Donald J. Trump is the poster boy of both the southern strategy and Reagan’s voodoo, trickle-down economics. He’s been one of the primary benefactors of the economic and tax policies and he spouts the perfect angry, racist rhetoric for the narrow-minded.

Sure, the Republican Convention is void of many GOP leaders, like Senator McCain and both former Bush presidents, but make no mistake, not only will Republican voters come out in full force for Trump, it is why he won the nomination in the first place. He’s perfect for the party’s policies. He’s the monster they and the mainstream media created. And this grifter is taking the ride all the way. Well, I hope not all the way. But the election will be close because in the end, Republican voters don their brown shirts and fall in line.

For decades, the Republican party has used divisive campaign tactics and propaganda to appeal to and propagate single-issue voters. They’ve garnered a loyal following of gun fetishists, fetus fanatics, religious-intolerant Christians, racists, misogynists, homophobes and xenophobes. And Trump is their ideal brand, perfectly packaged and marketed with all the “best words.” All he has to do it drop an anti-Muslim line here and an “I’m building a wall” there and these voters are like Pavlov’s dog.


I truly wonder what the remaining Republican voters who thought their party stood for frugal government programs, dirty energy and a strong military are thinking or what they will do in November. I suspect some will still vote straight down ticket. But this time, if it hasn’t happened before, some of the rational must be having a deep soul searching. Because I saw this coming. Republicans in Congress are lawless traitors, serving lobbyists and corporations, not the people. This should come as no shock to Republican voters. How much lower could they go than to vow to defy a president elected twice other than running a fascist grifter at the top of the ticket? Trump’s a thief straight from GOP laws and policy and now he’s coming for the brass ring.

Those McCains and Bushes and other Republicans with global reputations are scared. I heard “W” say he fears he’ll be the last Republican president. I wish to my core his father had been the last, or Eisenhower, actually. I could see the fear in Congressman Ryan’s eyes at the Convention last night. Good. They should be scared. They played with our precious government for their own gain.  And now their own monster is burning down their casino. Unfortunately their casino has a shared wall with a government that matters to me and that I love.

I’ve been watching a bit of the Republican Convention each night, or as much as I can take without needing excessive alcohol. But I get the gist. The enemy is Hillary Clinton because she is the cause of Middle-East hostilities, four dead in Benghazi and is already the reason you don’t have a job. Rhetoric, anger and “our brand is the solution” are all normal for any Convention. But to have a speaker suggest the other party’s candidate be imprisoned is a first that I am aware. It’s a terrifying, aging, white, hateful mob who’ve been let down by their own party but are so brainwashed all they hear are dog whistles and comments about their pet issue. Abortion. Gays. Guns. Muslims. Coal. Hillary bad.

I listened to delegates and watched their reactions. And that’s when I saw Nixon’s Southern Strategy fully on display. Angry white people wanting their “country back,” their “American again.” It’s actually no longer a dog whistle. They have an African-American cop disparage Black Lives Matter. One of their speakers the first night posted a meme with Secretary Clinton and the “C” word for a woman. And most importantly, they are supporting and nominating a person who, in his candidacy declaration, said that the Mexicans coming here are rapists. Donald Trump took care of any concern the racist, xenophobic, Tea Party members had the moment he announced his candidacy. He agreed that the “solution” to their problems is to keep Latinos, people of Muslim faith and dislocated refugees out of the country and away from their America. The hatred unleashed since his nasty-looking, scowling face appeared in this campaign has resulted in street people being beaten. Trump’s supporters don’t want the diversity they see, mainly because Fox News has told them all the “others” are to blame for their fill-in-the-blank problem. And they certainly don’t want that diversity to have equal opportunity, let alone the White House. Eight years with an African-American and now a woman? Oh, hell no.

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