Your Weekly Sunday Interlude: “Polyester Bride”

Liz Phair’s song “Polyester Bride” is deep, funny and inspiring. Its images and words can cut deep but sometimes harsh is necessary. Women can “settle” and extinguish their fire for a guy. Far too many times, I have seen a woman, even a friend, who fits this song. There’s nothing really wrong with dressing in polyester to get married, but the metaphor congers up an image of inauthenticity.

So she’s discussing her disappointment in the men in her life to a bartender who seems to like her enough to give her free drinks and compliments. And, like a good bartender, he gives her some solid advice.

This song comes on and I am in a good mood the rest of the day. It’s clever and has a great melody. But the words remind me not to settle, to relish my freedom and kiss the ground I was never a polyester bride waiting for alligator cowboys boots they just put on sale.

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