Your Weekly Sunday Interlude: Two Songs by Lily Allen

Broadly speaking, I am not a fan of pop music of any era. Now, I’m as easily entertained by a clever melody and lyric as most but I don’t gravitate to heavily formulated, auto-corrected songs. But I can’t write off Lily Allen  because her lyrics are just too surgically precise about the human experience, unlike most pop song lyrics that range from falling in love, to the inevitable break up, with the occasional, non-romantic personal conflict.

So I couldn’t decide which of two of her songs I wanted to share with you. But then I remembered, this is my blog and I make the rules or throw them out if I want. So I am sharing two, with a confession that “It’s Not Fair” is really my favorite. But first, “The Fear,”

“And I am a weapon of massive consumption. And it’s not my fault it’s how I’m programmed to function.” It’s pretty brave to use words that describe plenty of people in her industry and are some of her fans. And it’s that bravery to write what’s bugging her with truth, humor and the ever-admired quality – snark – that I admire.

That’s just what Allen does in “It’s Not Fair.” I was first introduced to Allen and this song on “The Gordon Ramsey Show” years ago. She described her struggle with broaching the intimacy problem between her and her boyfriend, trying to avoid bruising his vulnerable male ego. When that failed, she wrote the song. When she played if for him he said, “That’s nice. Who’s it about.” That’s when she really knew it was “all over.”

The lyrics here are sexual and a bit cryptically graphic for adults, although children might not get the meaning or innuendo. Just providing the disclaimer.

Happy Sunday!




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