Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “Reconsider Me”

This song may not seem like the right one for post-inauguration Friday, but there’s a personal reason this one is playing in my head.

I was on an amazing holiday with a man some years ago. Suddenly, or perhaps not so suddenly in retrospect, he became surly towards me. We were out of the country and far from home so it was a sad, helpless and isolating feeling. Warren Zevon’s “Reconsider Me” gave me comfort. I even tried finding a CD at local music stores before we left one town. He said that was “stupid.”

So it’s hard to love someone when you see a side in them that is incomprehensible to the person you thought you knew. You feel to blame and so hurt. Perhaps this is where some of you can find a similar comfort, if your candidate lost. Or you will need it if you voted for the current being and you finally see who we see. “Let’s let bygones be forgotten.”

“If it’s still the past that makes you doubt, darlin’, that was then and this is now. Reconsider me. Reconsider me” (but not “PeeOTUS” #NotMyPresident #Resist).

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