Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “Limits to Love”

Many of us are weary from the crazy in D.C. I was with friends last night and we all said we felt more tired than any other time in our lives! I’m so tired, I forgot my dedication to my Sunday interlude post. Well, at least it’s still morning here.

I loved this album back in the 90s, Til Tuesday’s “Everything’s Different Now,” a fitting title to 2017 so far, too. And this particular song, “Limits to Love” has some appropriate lyrics. Now, don’t misunderstand, I have no love for Trump. But it talks about watching someone seemingly unwilling to stop being self-destructive. And I think the delusional tweets about Obama wire-tapping him is at the level of Richard Nixon roaming the White House talking to dead presidents’ portraits. And he’s only weeks in!

“We’d get impatient with her now and then
Oh, she’d smile and say, ‘now you’re not being nice.’
I guess her definition of a friend
Was someone long on love, and short on advice.”

“She’ll get in trouble but she will scrape through
Oh, she’s the kind of girl who can always find help
I’d say she’s stupid, but it’d be untrue
Oh, you’ve got to be smart if you’re fooling yourself.”

Please, Donald Trump, seek help. You’re scorching our dear Earth.



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