Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “No Time”

In part because of a busy schedule and because a lunatic is playing leader, The Monkees’ song, “No Time'” lyrics came to mind today, particularly the first line of gibberish:

“Hober reeber sabasoben
Hobaseeba snick
Seeberraber hobosoben
What did you expect?”

If you’ve heard Trump talk, well, that line will make as much sense as anything coming out of his mouth, And the video’s political theme provides appropriate relevance:

How can this be the 101st day that unfit being is still in office?

“Andy, you’re a dandy,
You don’t seem to make no sense.
Nevermind the furthermore,
The plea is self-defense

 No time, no time for you

I got no time, baby,
Got lots of better things to do.”

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