Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “I’m Tired”

Trying to think of an appropriate Sunday interlude song to represent the end of 2016 and the beginning of 2017 was tough. I’ve never felt less hopeful for a new year.

But I still have my sense of humor. So this “Blazing Saddles'” song by the precious Madeline Kahn seems to sum it up while interjecting sex and snark. “I’m Tired” fits the mood for many of us. Playing Lili Von Shtupp, here’s Madeline Kahn defining 2016 for me:

Kahn left this place just over 17 years ago  And so many creatives left this place in 2016. Maybe they knew something we do not. I don’t think the track of departures will stop this new year. For those of us left here, we have our work cut out for us. As my friend Marilyn says, “We’re in this together; after all, we’re all we have.”


Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: Blazing Saddles, “Yes, Jesus Loves Me?”

Did you ever notice the Blazing Saddles‘ title song sounds like “Yes, Jesus Loves Me?” Other than reading other comments from people who recognize the similarity between the hymn “Yes, Jesus Loves Me,” and the title song to Blazing Saddles, I haven’t found any first-person confirmation from Mel Brooks or Richard Pryor, the writers for the movie. Anyway, now I can’t get the parallel out of my head. If you have never seen this movie, stop, just stop right now. It is a must-see. And even though it was released in 1974, it keeps being relevant to the times, which isn’t always a good reflection on society, but at least it helps us laugh at our conditions. And it’s simply hilarious. Enjoy.