Y Is For A Y On Life’s Road #atozchallenge

Life doesn’t have a linear path for most of us. Perhaps those who have had glitches, hick-ups and disappointments, are the lucky ones. I am not sure I ever wanted a linear path, anyway. I’m like the Goldie Hawn character in “Best Friends,” whose character was reluctant to marry because, “You’re born, you get married and you die.” So if she never got married, she would never die. That’s not exactly my life’s philosophy, although I relate to the character not making traditional choices. That I would not change.

Had I made traditional choices of a husband and kids, I might not have been able to make the choice to move Dad in with me the day Mom passed unexpectedly. And that was my best choice in life so far. Dad was with me just shy of ten years. I left paid work and built a second addition on my house. I miss those days beyond words. But it changed me. I found my core, my passion and my voice during those days with Dad. I am bold, outspoken, entertaining and viscerally intolerant to bullshit. My time with Dad crystallized for me that no amount of money is worth spending time with mediocre, erratic, marginal, petty people at some soul-sucking nine-to-five job. Those dysfunctional folks  have all been wished into the corn field.

So I’m on my way. I have bliss, not every moment of every day but most moments of every day. I’m strong and centered. I am healthy. I am busy and productive. M&DSepiaI still work on house projects (I am DIY wired with surround sound!), which is necessary and helps future profits for me. I am finding my voice. And twenty-four blogs in the past month has certainly strengthened my writing commitment! It also built a new haCartoon mebit so when I write one or two blogs a week, it will feel like a breeze. I am studying improv, which is delightful and terrifying. But it’s bringing me closer to my public and stage work. I am committed to this new venture and am using my written and spoken word in various venues. The new people in my life are lovely and generous and supportive. I am so very grateful to Mom and Dad for this life.

Now this new path isn’t easy to take. But the one less traveled is where I want to be. Joy and bliss can take you far!