Environment – Whether You Deny Climate Change or Not, You’re Probably Ignoring the Two Main Causes #atozchallenge

E: Today’s Deb-Blog Has Been Brought to You by the Letter D for Destruction of the Planet and the Letter E for Environment – Whether You Deny Climate Change or Not, You’re Probably Ignoring the Two Main Causes

A friend and I were chatting about how even making a off-hand comment about the weird weather and it’s association with man-made climate change has become a social mine field in this country. The first time I realized that I could be among seemingly intelligent people who denied that the climate has changed, that humans are causing it and it’s threatening our survival was back during the Clinton administration. I jokingly made a light remark to a coworker about enjoying the 80-degree March day in Minnesota, as the up side of global warming. He snapped, “There’s no such thing as global warming!” Stunned, I just walked away.

My friend also made an astute observation that those born after 1984 or so don’t fully understand how extremely different our weather has become. I’d never thought of that before. (Although, I harken back to my concerned post about millennials seemingly disinterested in anything that hasn’t happened in real time for them and thank goodness for video tapes to prove things to them!) I think it’s synonymous with the fact that a frog placed in a pot of water as it’s heated to boiling is unaware of its pending demise. If you only lived when temps can vary by 50 degrees from one day to the next, winters are warmer and less snowy and summers are hotter and drier, you might not fully grasp the shocking difference noticed by those over 30. I can only hope enough of us human frogs can get control over the stove’s knob before we are extinct. But having studied this in college and read much from experts since, that was why I chose not to have kids. And every year that goes by, I am more relieved I did not hand humanity’s future to my child.

Of course now we have an entire political party and a large chunk of mainstream media completely denying the fast-changing Earth atmosphere occurring before our very eyes. But we suffer an even greater problem here, in part, because of (1) our culture’s biological urge to procreate is unfettered and on steroids with a near baby fetishism, fed by materialism and pastel distractions; and (2) our gluttony for animal meat. I am referring to an excessive human population, which is the number one cause of the planet’s troubles and the continued obsession with filling our bellies with the flesh of other species, which is the second biggest contributor to our environmental crisis. Compared to these two factors, cutting down on the burning of fossil fuel is like trying to extinguish a wild fire by putting out a cigarette in your living room. If you are driving a Prius, installing solar panels on your house, planting kale and riding your bike to work, good for you. But if you or your partner gave birth or you still eat even organic, range-free animal meat, I can’t take seriously your efforts because you are only nibbling at the actions you can take to help the future of life on Earth. Now, I don’t want my friends or readers who have offspring to hate me completely. I do believe fully in personal choice. Our government is far more guilty in its complacency. We should have taken massive and sweeping actions decades ago. Unfortunately, the longer governments do little to nothing, the more these two, primary factors will have to be addressed because they will be the only ones that will ensure our survival.

If you want to complain about our mainstream media, blame them for making taboo the discussion of our global population. It’s not politically correct. How dare we talk about the fact that this planet can not sustain 7+ billion people. Your comfy, suburban life may look manageable but you are in denial about what is taking place in less developed countries or poorer countries who not only can’t feed everyone sufficiently, their islands and shorelines are flooding – for good! And while that pot of water gets warmer and warmer, we are fed celebrity gossip, technological distractions and cheap meat. That entitlement and that sense of complacency is dooming us.

I can’t really blame most people for not knowing or even not caring that more people and more people eating animals is destroying us because there is such a media blackout. But a simple Google search and intellectual curiosity will give you the facts. PopulationMatters.org does a magnificent job informing us about the urgent connection to the planet’s human population and our ecology. And MercyForAnimals.org and the FarmSanctuary.org will change your heart about eating what they and now I call “humanimals,” because we shouldn’t think just because we managed to exploit this planet and other inhabitants, doesn’t make us superior at all. And the vegan recipes are simply delicious. Plus you live longer with fewer health problems. If you followed these sites and read every post in full for one month, I think it would change your choices.

I know there are some who just want to enjoy life and if that means having kids and eating any meat you want, so be it. I won’t be able to convince you differently. Be satisfied with your choices, as I am with mine. My choice not to procreate or eat animal products is living my morality, even if it doesn’t have much planetary impact. I hope we are not heading for mass famine, water shortages and water wars, mass evacuations and die offs, but I think that we are. Since I have no children, perhaps after I am gone, someone will happen upon this post and say this person was right. Little consolation.


Is Climate Change More Confusing with More Media Channels?

Is Climate Change More Confusing with More Media Channels?

Eighty years ago today, the east coast experienced the most devastating dust storm during what is known as the Dust Bowl era or the Dirty Thirties. A combination of severe drought conditions and poor farming practices desolated the plains’ farmland. If you’ve seen The Grapes of Wrath, you will remember this was one of the reasons for the Okies’ western migration. On May 11, 1934, a wall of dirt blew in from the west with terrifying squalls that darkened the sky like a long solar eclipse and shut down cities along the east coast.

The government determined poor farming practices was one cause and swiftly implemented sustainable farming practices, which restored agriculture and helped rebuild the lives of farmers, the economy and created today’s “bread basket,” which helps feed the world. http://youtube/EeeH2CcYCV0

dust bowl pic Dust Bowl Pic

I don’t know anyone who denies poor farming practices contributed to the dust bowl. We don’t have dust bowls anymore so what we did must have worked. The government got the message to the people and got their support, even with a media limited to newspapers, word of mouth, movie new reels and only some with a radio or telephone. Plus, farmers lived with ravaged, barren soil and financial ruin and welcomed the help.

Like those folks in the 1930s, I don’t need a lot of science or news to tell me about the climate changes I see. The weather fluctuates more every season. Storms are wetter and bigger. Through the media, I have seen more frequent and severe hurricanes and massive chunks of icecaps falling into the sea, with marooned polar bears floating away. What the climate scientists say seems to confirm what my lying eyes see. Globalchange.gov has laid out steps needed to reverse the impact of fossil fuels, human activity and lifestyle choices on the planet. Yet the US remains the only industrial country without a climate policy for more than 30 years.

Does More Information Help or Hurt?

With thousands of virtual media outlets, we should be well informed. Yet between the changes in FCC regulations and the advent of the Internet, it seems easier for opinion or intentionally well-crafted “infotainment” or “newsiness” to be branded as fact with mass or even a niche appeal, particularly when each of us can choose what information sources to follow.

There are a lot of people in this country and in Congress do not believe science or what I see. I only hope if a dust bowl ever heads your way or your coastal home disappears below sea level, you will get off your smart phone and believe your lying eyes.  (Skeezix Bratt)

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”  – George Santayana