Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “Gran Vals”

Is anyone else shifting their ways to find peace in this era of the coup? The destruction of our country is unbearable. I feel helpless at times, angry and sad at all times and tired. We’re going to keep mobilizing and fighting but we need pockets of sanity. I have my go-to shows and series to escape and, of course, friends are vital. These weekly, Sunday interludes that began while I did my second April Blog a Day Challenge as a filler for the off day of posts in 2015, but they’ve evolved as another way to reboot for another mud storm from the Nutter and Creep.

There’s just nothing funny about last week. Puerto Rico is a catastrophe. The Administrative response is nothing short of willful neglect. And this, on top of the usual crippling bills crafted by Congress, promoted by that grifting lunatic. So I went to a place in my mind that has been a constant since I was a child. The Como Park Conservatory is a wonderful structure built in 1873 in St. Paul, Minnesota. It’s part of Como Park yet stands alone as a place of constant beauty and bliss, that offers a colorful, warm, humid escape any time of year but especially on a dreary Minnesota winter day. I grew up in St. Paul so Mom and Dad and I spent countless days there. And it remains much the same. Additions to it always compliment the original.

Another constant of the Conservatory is the Spanish guitar music that plays in the background. It’s the same music played since I was a kid. I fell in love with the Spanish guitar there. I am no expert on this music style, but I know how it calms me, lowers my blood pressure. If you linger long enough you just may hear Francisco Tarrega playing “Gran Va;s.”



Let there be comfort to you and everyone today. My heart sends peace to all creatures suffering. Love will win.