Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “This Is Not America”

A lot of us feel this is not America.  My country doesn’t look the other way when a grifter family is using political position to make private business deals. My country doesn’t have a religious test or ban people of faith from entering. My country doesn’t make me feel like the Administrative and Congressional branches are the enemy of the people

But my country is strong. Those Founding Fathers really had their stuff together. I’m terrified we may face an attack here or get embroiled in a war or lose our Constitution. It’s bad enough we have an unfit, mentally imbalanced thing in the White House, but the Congressional majority is fine with this. Their calculation is to get as much draconian policy passed before his liability is too risky. That is, if we can still proceed to a full, independent investigation into its ties to Russia. I only hope we can withstand this violent attack. This is a thousand times worse than Watergate. This is the greatest crisis in my lifetime.

And so why not a little Bowie? That’s always good for the soul. “This is Not America” feels like a fitting choice after another horrible week with these clowns.

Honestly, I try to find a happy song for these interludes but we’re under such a pile of garbage, weekly reflection just isn’t very happy these days. Don’t get me wrong; life is good. I am a very happy person. But I care too much to ignore the carnage.