Recording Devices #atozchallenge

R: Today’s Deb-Blog Has Been Brought to You by the Letter D for Devices That Record and the Letter R for Recording Devices 

There’s a common saying that just before death, our lives flash before our eyes. I can’t confirm from experience but I have a very good memory so, chances are, if you said something to me, I remember. I have so many lines and words streaming through my brain, if anyone were to plug in to listen, it would sound like white noise. I like it that way. For some of you who enjoy metaphysical ponderances, who’s to say we aren’t all living the flashback of life that has already happened, anyway? Maybe what we think is reality is just each of our lives flashing before our eyes. If we’re in that experience or not, how would we know?

But I digress fR June Cleaverar too far to make a simple point about being able to hear and see what was said and done with recording devices, and its great value. Thank goodness we have them or no one would believe how life used to be. Yes, old TV shows were depicting the fact that families lived comfortably with one person earning money and one staying home.

Cheesy, but it was true. We had a thriving middle class and people didn’t have to work their butts off to have it.

Joseph McCarthy R McCarthyreally did try to stir up hate for Democrats or those on the political left by branding them Communists, which fueled the Cold War.  We have that excellent, exasperated remark on recording devices from Joseph Welch, US Army’s chief counsel who finally spoke up to this jerk:

Thank goodness we have that entire debacle on tape. Same goes for prohibition. Whew, glad I didn’t live through that time – but I know about it.

And the Founding Fathers wrote down their philosophies and ideas for our government, although I wish they hadn’t been so clunky with the Second Amendment. But to expound on that would mean another digression.

The country didn’t used to have freeways from coast to coast or even phone service, plumbing and electricity in rural areas. It took work and laws and government jobs. Thank goodness we have written and filmed proof because I swear many people alive today seem truly oblivious to how we got the society we have. We worked together. Our government was our partner. We paid for it with muscle and capital.

All of this is important. I wrote over a year ago a blog I titled “Born Contempt,” ( ) because I was hearing too many millennials saying too often about far too many important issues, “I wasn’t born yet,” as if to dismiss the importance of knowing something or a dismissal to its relevance. And now we have a kind of rhetoric in the presidential race discourse that Germany heard in the 1930s. You bet history is important to remind us to keep vigilant.

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