Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “Gimme Some Truth”

This song came to my lips on Thanksgiving morning. Many of us are weary, uncertain, frightened. Many who were duped by an A-1 grifter will soon be singing the same song. It’s John Lennon’s “Gimme Some Truth,” from Imagine. Forgive me for posting two Lennon songs form the same album two weeks in a row, but they bring me back to a time Mom and I listened to the album and the words fit so well today.  Plus, it’s Lennon, so no apology needed. It’s a song to comfort and activate.

Between the senseless blather from social media defending the bigoted sexual assailant, double-speak justifications for same from self-proclaimed Christians and propaganda so deep there is no hope to reach, it’s intolerable for those with any morality or world view.

“I’m sick and tired of hearing things from uptight, short sided, narrow-minded hypocritics…I’m sick to death of seeing things from tight-lipped condescending mama’s little chauvinists.. All I want is the truth, just give me some truth.”

Yes, I am still angry. I’m still angry from W so this will continue.


Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “Crippled Inside”

Admittedly, what prompted my recalling this song was the vitriol being spewed on social media about Hillary Clinton, particularly the misogyny. This song and its lyrics sprang forth as I read other women attacking Clinton’s appearance, because nothing reveals someone’s heart and soul like what you say about others.

Mom loved this song. Again, it has great rhythm and that wicked back beat! And it’s got John Lennon’s fine-tuned words that cut to the quick, poetically. So here it is, from his “Imagine” album, recorded in 1971, followed by the delicious lyrics. Let that sink in, haters:

“Crippled Inside”
you can shine you’re shoes
and wear a suit
you can comb your hair
and look quite cute
you can hide your face
behind a smile
one thing you can’t hide
is when you’re crippled inside
you wear a mask
and paint your face
you can call yourself
the human race
you can wear a collar
and a tie
but the one thing you
can’t hide is when you’re
crippled inside
well now you know that your
cat has nine lives babe
nine loves to itself
but you only got one
and a dog life ain’t no fun
mamma take a look outside.
you can go to church
and sing a hymn
judge me by the color
of my skin
you can live a lie until you die
one thing you can’t hide
is when you’re crippled inside.