Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “Valley of the Dolls”

As a straight woman, I may know way too much about the cult classic, Jacqueline Suzann’s novel “Valley of the Dolls” and subsequent movie that is as campy as it gets. It’s celebrating its 50th anniversary this summer. Keeping with the brevity of these Sunday interludes, let me just recommend it if you want to see great actors deliver over-the-top lines drenched in melodrama. The cast also includes Sharon Tate, a victim of Charles Manson. But for today, I shall share my favorite monologue performed by Susan Hayward to Patty Duke’s character, Neelie O’Hara. We just lost Duke earlier this year. (Sorry, but I couldn’t successfully edit out the “F” word for a gay person that follows my fave line. It was 50 years ago so the language is dated and it is a passionate scene.) And the second offering is the theme song just so you have a song stuck in your head all day. Happy Sunday!


As sung by Dionne Warwick, written by Andre and Dory Previn: