N Is For Now #atozchallenge

As humans, it is a challenge to stay in the now, the present moment. There are philosophies, religions, spiritual discussions and entire industries on how to practice living in the “now.” There’s even a “New Age” store in Minneapolis named Present Moment (nice store, actually) focused on the practice of staying present in the only reality – now. So I won’t get too philosophical or profound but share my own struggles with living with intention in the now.

Our society seems to fight us from living in the present. Technology bombards us constantly. Where do you need to be later? Did you respond to the emails from yesterday? What will be tomorrow’s April A to Z blog topic? There are pop culture distractions, personal demands and stressful workplaces where it is impossible to be creative and calm. Then add human emotion and our feelings and reactions to all the stimuli and it’s impossible to be truly in the moment.

It takes intention to be in the now. Yet being in the present is the start of all intention. NowDaisyOne feels calm, complete, contentment and connected in the now. True emotion or being completely engaged with the senses can ground you in the moment. Love, grief, anger, passion, joy, creating. Our senses – tasting, touching, smelling, seeing and hearing – help ground us but are often tied to memories, which can take us out of the blissful present, with memory or expectation. Being in the moment is fleeting and takes practice.

Like much of my life right now, it’s about intention, It’s about shedding former identities and the superfluous, dismissing those places, people and roles that no longer serve now. I know how important it is to be aware and alive. And it’s a struggle to equally let go of the things we want to shed and that which we long to hold. But the only way to honor this life is to truly desire life now.