Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “Police State”

Pussy Riot‘s new release, “Police State” is a good Sunday Interlude, after the one-sided bromance visit between Putin and Trump last week, in which Trump stated that he believed Putin when he said Russia did not interfere in last year’s election, contradicting our country’s Intelligence. (“I swear, baby, I never touched the voter rolls!”) That, and the song is about Trump as much as Putin.

Pussy Riot released a statement on Facebook about the song:

“We’d be able to achieve fantastic results if we were not trapped by the idea that nothing can be changed. […] There’s a lot that can be done and should be done. Putin will not disappear tomorrow, but we can show our fellow Russians how corrupted, damaging and ineffective his rule is. If everybody who denounced Trump on social media showed up on the streets and refuse to leave until he’s gone, he’d be out of office in a week. What it takes is just to abandon our learned helplessness.”

Since day one of this coup, I’ve said, “Never normalize!” Every time I hear the news reporting with any normalcy about this dangerous, criminal Administration, I cringe. I understand the importance of reporting only facts. But that facts are we now have an avalanche of information that Russia and Trump and his circle conspired to install him. The election tampering we feared and suspected is coming to light as another fact. Indictments are rolling in and, based upon those indictments, Trump is guilty of obstructing justice by firing FBI DIrector Comey and dictating a fabricated story about the meeting between a Russian attorney and Manafort, Trump Jr., et al. I’ve no doubt this goes far deeper into laundering dirty, Russian, mob and other dirty money and Trump’s outstanding debt to Putin, not to mention Trump’s insatiable ego needing to crush Obama for mocking him and the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, which was the perfect ploy for Putin to exploit.

Who knows how long we will be under this regime? Maybe this is the beginning of the end, thanks to Mueller’s investigations, and maybe it’s only the first year of this slog into fascism. The Constitution and we the people are being tested, perhaps never moreso since the Civil War. So far, I feel confident in both. But our future stands on the point of a sword at this moment. Or a nuclear test missile. Or a 3 a.m. twitchy toilet tweet – or twoop .

Here’s Pussy Riot and their new single “Police State:”

This week also marks a year since the stolen election. Do not get complacent. We are the boss in this country! Never normalize! Get out there, get active, get in the streets!