Voter Restrictions, Election Fraud, MSM, Russian Tampering: Hard to Prioritize

The first thing I thought the evening of November 8, 2016 was the 2010 gerrymandering, voter suppression hijinks and election tampering in Republican states worked as intended. They cheat. Ever since Nixon, Republicans will go so far as committing treason to win. I was aware of Trump’s cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin, and the ongoing, bizarre number of connections his family and campaign workers have had with Russia. I knew that had an impact but believed it was the GOP’s calculated maneuvers in those red states that stole the election, coupled with the ever-helpful mainstream media, giving Trump a billion in free media. And in spite of all that, Hillary Clinton won by about 3 million votes, with a mere 77,000 votes in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania – states where hundreds of thousands of votes were not even counted – tossing the Electoral College to Trump.

I stand by all those statements because I think there is enough of a history with those Republican governors to indicate election fraud, particularly since the 2013 Shelby V Holder Supreme Court decision that gutted voting rights and triggered southern states to adopt new Jim Crow obstacles literally the next day.. And there is no arguing national media treated Trump like a sitting president during the campaign, if not a bleeding rock star. But since December, it’s Russia. This is no longer a minor issue and to dismiss it could destroy our democracy and life as we know it.

This is hair-on-fire serious. More serious than Watergate. If Watergate was a president’s cover-up of a couple hacks breaking into an opponent’s campaign office, Russiagate is a bloodless coup by a criminal organization. Oh yea, because it is!

It’s tricky because the Intelligence community can’t inform the Administration, some members of Congress or the Cabinet because they’re among those being investigated. Plus Putin has many convenient ways of eliminating his enemies. Then add the ridiculous number of coincidental connections with Russia and Trump, his family, close advisors and campaign members. Tom Clancy would laugh if you pitched him this story. But I’ll bet Oliver Stone is storyboarding it already.

There are billions in financial ties between Trump and his ilk and Russia, one Republican policy accommodation after another that benefits Russia and a president who defends Putin at the expense of his own country’s character and standing! As Malcolm Nance, former U.S. Navy Senior Chief Petty Officer working in counter-terrorism and intelligence, says, it takes a whole lot of work for this many coincidences. (By the way, Nance wrote a book “The Plot to Hack America: How Putin’s Cyberspies and WikiLeaks Tried to Steal the 2016 Election.” last July and it came out in October.)I’ve lost count the number of mysterious accidents and deaths of informants associated with Intelligence around Russia. The list of Trump’s posse having to resign, be fired or flipping because of it is also getting tough to keep up. Then Trump had A.G. Sessions, who also committed perjury and has to recuse himself from this whole matter, fire 46 U.S, attorneys including, conveniently, Preet Bharara who was conducting his own investigation into Trump and Russia. (Not so ironically, his informant fell from a fourth-floor window a couple weeks ago. So many unfortunate accidents.)

Nance really helps bring together the pile of bits in this crisis with how the Intelligence community works. For instance, he said Trump’s tweets about Obama wiretapping him is what they call in the Intelligence world getting “buggy,” meaning signs a guilty person acting paranoid, trying to find out who’s leaking. I would suspect he’d also see Trump’s daughter-wife Ivanka getting daily briefings and an office adjacent to his in the White House as another sign of forming a fortress, drawing nearer his most intimate (pun intended) confidants because he’s getting buggy. Plus she knows how to speak toddler maniac.

The GOP may be saying publicly that this is a nothing burger but I am confident that’s not what’s in their thought bubbles, fevered dreams or their conversations on burner phones. Rep. Devin Nunes(R) could not look more guilty of collusion when he jogged over to inform Speaker Paul Ryan and Trump on the Intelligence in this matter, learned by very House Intelligence Committee he chairs!

Putin is as mob boss. He plays by those rules. Trump is mob-adjacent, has been for decades in New York. Trump robs people, cheats them out of contracted deals, operates scams on every level. Maybe that’s just “business.” I think is criminal and immoral but now i’m just being redundant. In the 1990s when he’d burned every bridge with U.S. lenders, Russia made a deal. Big, dirty loans come with big favors. Crooks like little Donnie are used to squirming out of corruption with a flock of good attorneys and a checkbook. Well, the government doesn’t work that way. Might be a good lesson for the GOP voters who think a government should be run like a business. They are entirely different institutions.

We have never been here before, where a foreign country affected our presidential election. For those in our Federal government, elected or employees, who still believe in ethics and serving their public – a.k.a their bosses – their time is now to be on the right side of history.

Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, is set to meet with the House Intelligence Committee. Apparently he is already under investigation by the IRS for his big money from Russia, among other things, like the fact that he “left” the campaign for being too close to Russia, then went back to his home in Trump Tower! But pay attention if and when we hear the NSA is conducting their own financial investigation into someone. Yes, they have their own department to sniff into people’s financial affairs. Nance says once that happens, it is over. That the last nail in the coffin for those under investigation. It’s indictment time.

When will we get the facts? Will this take down the Trump administration, including Trump? How will our government correct itself? Will there be a new election? Will, as one anonymous Intelligence officer said several weeks ago, Trump die in jail? No really, I ask because I don’t know. There are a lot of players in the FBI, Congress and the Cabinet I don’t trust and for good reason. But this can not stand. I hold out hope that no one is truly loyal to Trump because malignant narcissists don’t have human bonds. If Stave Bannon bolts, I am counting the days before the ship sinks without a lot of the rats.

I have to believe in our agencies doing what is right for country. And make no mistake, Congress knows a whole lot more than any of us do. This isn’t going away soon but after last week, things may be coming to a head a lot sooner than any of us thought, where no one, not even the Republicans in Congress, want to touch Trump with a ten-foot solid-gold pole. It sure seems to be heading that way. We are in peril. Time is of the essence.