Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

I haven’t left the house much since Tuesday. Wednesday morning, while waiting for the light to change a couple blocks from home, listening to Secretary Clinton’s concession speech, I glanced through the rear-view mirror to see a man behind me in a Chevy pick-up giving me the finger. The light change at the same time so I didn’t have time to react or give my usual peace sign response. (It makes them even angrier and may send a little shame to them. Maybe.) And nope, didn’t cut him off. I didn’t have a bumper sticker to prompt his gesture. But I was demonstrating my gender.

He whipped around me on the freeway and I made sure I carried a gentle smile whole avoiding contact. “Trump,” I thought. Since then, I’ve lost count at the number of Twitter accounts I’ve blocked. I had to report three for threatening language or vile words about various populations they say they “hate.” It feels like we’ve had a death in the family and the conspirators in the death of my loved one, America, are everywhere.

Yesterday, a good-looking, well-dressed man in a late-model sedan on that same freeway pulled alongside my car and looked directly at me. Any other day I would conclude he was flirting. I gave a slight smile but the memory of the road rage guy the day before had me fearing for my safety. I adjusted my speed to avoid his gaze but he adjusted again. I’ve already changed my behavior because hate trumped love.

So I got to my retail destination and looked in the eyes of shoppers. Immediately, I began softly singing “Bridge Over Troubled Water” to sooth myself. I thought about posting a protest song today but it’s too soon. Our equilibrium is off. We need time. We need each other for strength when we’re weary. Simon and Garfunkel provide the words to remind us that liberals will always win because our core is love and caring about one another. The alt right and white supremacists are dark-hearted and never feel serenity.

Let goodness and love rise from deep inside you. It is your soul.


Your Weekly, Sunday Interlude: “The Only Living Boy in New York”

Paul Simon wrote “The Only Living Boy in New York” for Art Garfunkel who was off to do a movie, as their musical partnership was fading. So it’s a kind of bromance song. Then the movie “Garden State” gave this Simon and Garfunkel song new energy for me with the cast donned in plastic trash bags, standing over the vast chasm in the pouring rain.


But what really gets me is the angelic chorus of, “Here I am.” I often tear up when I get to that part because it purges my soul and opens my heart to my unknown tomorrow, and somehow draws me nearer to my loves on the other side.

And that is why I feel compelled to post this song today. Yesterday morning a dear nine-year-old boy was released from his ravaged body that the “black Legos” stole. A more mournful song just won’t do. I want angels surrounding him on his new journey. This fits.

“I know you’ve been eager to fly now. Hey let your honesty shine, shine, shine now.”

For you, T.H.