Second Sunday Interlude #atozchallenge

Hello and welcome to the second Sunday vegan sorbet of this year’s April A to Z Blog Challenge. We get Sunday’s off for bad behavior so I offer this palate cleanse:

I find comfort in the words of this song whatever and whenever I leave something or someone behind. Because it often is not easy to do. May this week provide you with a smooth ride.



First Sunday Interlude #atozchallenge

In the annual April A to Z Blog Challenge, one is to write 26 blogs beginning with “A” and going through “Z” for the 26 days of April, taking Sundays off for what I like to call “bad behavior.” This year, I decided Sunday’s need a least a musical interlude. Here is today’s and until Monday, my friends:

My favorite line from “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid?” “Keep going, teacher lady.” Oh, my!