Your Weekly Sunday Interlude: “I’ll Be Around”

The Growlers’ “I’ll Be Around” has so many influences that come together in a sublime, raunchy rhythm, deep lyrics and lead singer Brooks Nielsen’s guttural voice. I can hear multiple genres and every decade from the sixties through today, which makes sense in that it’s about the demise of the human species; at least, that’s what I hear.

“Yes, I’m only a man
Judgements of something ancient
Clocking my time as finished
The same is all replacements
Ignorance is complacency
Why? I am purposefully faded
No stand, no sit, no stopping
Ripping through the neon prophecies”

Lyrics always mean more to me, presumably because I’m a writer. But in music, I am a sucker for a strong back beat.

Are you reminded of any particular singer when you hear Nielsen? I hear many influences and am still compiling a list. I love it! It’s my new ear worm. Happy Sunday. y’all.