Your Weekly Sunday Interlude: “Waterloo” #swedenincident

Out of my deep respect and heartfelt sympathies to all who suffered through the “Sweden Incident” Donald Trump mentioned in his remarks at his puppet show in Melbourne, FL yesterday, I can think of no more appropriate song for this week’s Sunday Interlude; “Waterloo,” by ABBA.

After all, ABBA is a Swedish group and the song refers to the Battle of Waterloo, the setting where the narcissistic, imbalanced dictator Napoleon Bonaparte faced his defeat.

Trump thinks Sweden had a terrorist attack, the empty space at his inauguration was, in fact, a throng of fans, that the sun parted the clouds as he spoke while it was visibly raining on his head and President Obama is not a US citizen. So rather than surrender like Napoleon, let’s make popcorn and an adult beverage and enjoy watching our dear leader’s descent into madness, for he knows not what he sees.